Crochet pattern
Cross body bag "Gucci"

Turn on HD quality in video settings.

You will need 4 mm flat polyester cord:
black - 350 meters
green - 70 meters
red - 40 meters
Crochet hook 3 mm
(Use 4-5 mm if you crochet with another yarn)
Yarn shops
1) link here
2) link here
3) link here
4) link here
5) link here

Hardware on AliExpress:
- spring gate rings (38/48 mm)
- lock (large)
- bag base studs (8 mm)
- D-rings (1.6 cm)
- snap hooks (35 mm)

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Part 2
Part 1

Calculations for the "Cocoa" handbag
This short video shows only the calculations and some nuances of crocheting a Cocoa handbag.
I strongly recommend that you carefully study the master class on the Gucci bag before viewing. You need to figure out how to make transitions between cords, in the principles of connecting parts and other techniques.

Turn on HD quality in the video settings.
Black cord (100 meters) - link here
Beige cord (200 meters) - link here

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