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We make exclusive and high quality products such as handbags, interior baskets and decor products. We have developed our own proprietary technology, with the help of which the products perfectly keep their shape, the loops are even, and the seams are neat. All products are handcrafted with meticulous care. We pay great attention to the details of each product. We chose this name for our brand for a reason: handbags and baskets really cause a "wow effect" for everyone. Exclusive is what attracts more and more people to handmade products.
Such accessories are made in a single copy, so they immediately stand out from the masses. They are suitable for those who see beauty in detail. For those who love outside attention and want rave glances and comments. In our store, you can choose not only products from stock, but also place an individual order. Model, shape, size, color, accessories, decor - all at your request. We can implement almost any interesting idea.
All works are made of either knitted yarn or polyester cord. Each material is best suited only for certain products. What is the fundamental difference?

Knitted yarn is a 100% cotton fabric cut into strips that is twisted into a thread 7-9 mm wide. It is hypoallergenic as it is made of natural material. The palette of colors is very extensive: you can choose absolutely any shade of your choice. The yarn is not afraid of water, but it is better to limit yourself
to only a minimal hand wash. Perfect for making handbags "Marshmallows". They turn out to be voluminous, unusual and very attractive.

Polyester cord is a synthetic fiber, but thanks to this, products made from it hold their shape very rigidly. The color does not fade in the sun, it is easily erased, dries quickly, dust and dirt do not adhere to it. In a word, a very practical material. That is why we knit from it classic straight-shaped cross-body bags, interior baskets with even corners and decor products that harmoniously fit into any design. Colors are also varied, everyone can choose any to their taste.

Quite recently, they launched another direction for girls who have a desire to learn this type of creativity, like knitting by themselves. And as we have a lot of experience, we are ready to share our knowledge and skills in our master classes. All lessons are presented in video format, HD quality, with subtitles.

They answer to the most popular questions about materials and tools for needlework. All the nuances of the beginning of knitting, crossing, seams, patterns are shown. The secrets of strengthening the products so that they keep their shape firmly are told. All videos are so detailed that even a beginner can do it. It just takes a little patience and constant practice. You need to "fill your hand" in a new direction for you.

The main thing is to have a great desire to learn how to create beauty on your own. Handicraft among girls is also gaining momentum. And very positively assessed by the opposite sex. Also, when buying a master class in the complex, there is a personal free consultation (even in video format) on each product. Therefore, you can feel free to ask any questions that you may have.
The Wowbag brand is a team of professional knitters who have been developing in this area for over 5 years.
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